You need to be invited now?

What is this crap? I thought the whole point of blogging was so that you can get your ramblings out to the masses and now you have to be invited. WTF!

I might as well ditch my counter now and give up the dream of getting 10000 hits. ROFL!

Holy shit...

I need to update my blog roll and gosh darn it I forgot how.


I don't get it.


my son asks for a caffeinated beverage at 9pm

my daughter can't find the time to pick up her socks

I can't make time to go to the gym

i have a bunch of other whys but its getting late and i have had blogger block for quite some time now.

Night :)


Nice to find out my blog is still worth money.


Should I have to put up with this shit....

Within the last year a new person moved upstairs from me. When he moved in I basically gave him the ground rules you know when garages is picked up recyclables etc. Anyway then he started doing some stuff that I didn't like. Flicking his cigarette butts in the yard blocking the side entryway door to the garage. So I said something and at that time he kindly obliged.

Until recently. Back in May I noticed a bird feeder hanging above my patio. I currently have my patio furniture out there my grill etc. So I kindly asked him to move it to another window. He said that when it got warm he would. About a month later in June it was still there so I asked again, nothing happened. I called the landlord and he finally moved it only a few days later there was another bird feeder right back in the same spot. One morning I get up and he has thrown crackers and potato chips all over the grass. Keep in mind I have kids they play in this yard. As fed up as I was I wrote a very professional letter asking him to please stop throwing food out in the yard because it attracts other undesirable wildlife. I would say about a half hour later I hear a loud pounding on the door. I answer to him yelling at me telling me that its bullshit for what i am asking him to do. Practically whining he is like "its for the animals, all my life i have been feeding the animals" I said well cant they eat out of a dish?

My main concern is I don't want rats coming here in winter because there is a food source. I proceeded to tell him about the chipmunk that has set up base camp in the garage. In one week the chipmunk managed to dig out 2 count them 2 5 gallon pails of pea gravel from under the concrete slab in the garage, but he had to get to work and couldn't be delayed by my petty ramblings.

To make a long story short since my letter he is consistently blocking the garage side entry door, back to the cigarette butts on the ground and leaving soda cans all over the place. not to mention now that when he hears my footsteps he starts whistling incessantly and repeatedly slams the doors every time he enters and exits the house on several occasions has woken my kids up. Not to mention the 1am vacuuming and paper shredding. I have done nothing to him to deserve such disrespect. I hear him once badmouth me in the hallway saying what a bitch i am. I'm sorry asshole upstairs I don't deserve not to enjoy the place i live.


Things that are irritating me today...

Not that these things can't irritate me everyday. I just felt like saying something today.

Barking dogs

The guy that lives upstairs from me

People who throw cigarette butts out the window of their car (I'm a smoker)

People that feed the birds

People that think knowing someone for three months is enough time to decide that they are the person they want to spend the rest of their life with

My kids throwing the pillows off the couch

Juice box straw wrappers

Watching a show on TV and it was the last show on the last time you watched it (reruns of reruns)

Buying the same thing twice because you forgot you already had one

Sneaky kids

OK, I did good not that these are in any particular order. I'm done venting now.




During my 2+ year absence I have also been dabbling in a wee bit of gaming. Keep in mind I'm 35 with kids so there is bound to be a console or 2 in the house. Who uses it? HAHA! Me, it all started with GTA San Andreas. Now anyone who has played and of the GTA series cam feel me there the games are hysterical. So I hear about this game called Rock Band from a friend at work who uses his X-mas bonus to buy it. At first I didn't think it would be much of anything. Well I ended up unemployed in April of 08 and was wondering what the kids and I were going to do to keep our sanity not being able to go anywhere because of lack of funds.

To make a long story short I walk into Sam's Club one day to pick up essentials and I spot it for $94 take it home and the kids freak at the size of the box. So I have been hooked on it ever since. I recently purchased Guitar Hero Metallica. It's fickin awesome and highly recommend it. BTW my arms are sore from rocking out :) and the kids and i have formed a band! I just found out looking at these sites they are coming out with a Beatles version of Rock Band with replica instruments!

Cool Deal...

Right now Target has a special that if you buy 2 CD's within a certain selection you get a $15 dollar Itunes gift card free! I say this is a deal because the choices on the rack are about $9.99. Its like buying 2 getting one free. During this special. I bought some CD's I normally wouldn't have bought.

Shinedown - Leave a Whisper
The Beegees - Greatest hits
Paramore - Riot
Paramore - All we know is falling

Home 0, Weinermobile 1

ROFL! I get up this early on a Saturday to read that an Oscar Mayer Weinermobile has crashed into a home in Mount Pleasant WI. I can't believe it made national news. Now I only know how to spell Oscar Mayer because of those damn commercials when I was a kid. I swear to you as I sit here typing it out I'm chanting the diddy in my head. I have added some useless Weinermobile trivia ans statistics here. Do you think if you spot it they still give out them whistles? I would have a picture to post here of my kids with the Weinermobile but they thought they were too cool and refused the offer. "Why do I want my picture taken in front of a giant hot dog mom?"


Some Thoughts about MJ's Passing...

My Life Really Isn't That Shitty Anymore

I look back at the time that has passed since i was pretty religious about blogging and boy some of them old posts were sad. It has been over three years since my divorce and life couldn't be better. I am still single but now I know that is by choice. I have decided that lass drama = better life. I have an awesome job and work with a lot of really fun people. My kids have not suffered because of it, and I get along pretty good with my Ex not that all the dust has settled. I think my main focus from here on out id like to talk about the fun shit that occurs in everyday life. Could be political, about my kids or otherwise. I think i just needed a couple posts to get me started again.

I owe my return to a dear friend who has recently asked me to collaborate with her on an SL fashion blog. If you are unaware what SL is check it out. I have been learning a lot about open source code and scripting so this has taken a lot of my time in the last what is it like 2 years. ROFL My creativity is back :)


I don't know if anyone even follows this stupid blog anymore but I have decided to take it up again. I gave up on word press a long time ago. I have been busy with a real job believe it or not! I'm hoping to come up with some more of the blogs that my readers were used to. Satire Bishes!


Its ben a year... Officially

When you file for a divorce they should hand you a manual.

It should go something like this.

1. your kids are going to hate you for a while.

2. you are going to be lonely and desperate.

3. you will sleep with the first guy who pays attention to you and this will be your rebound.

4. you will unfortunaly fall in love with the next man who will be married and crush you heart into a million peices.

5. After you dum said guy you will only think about how you can seek reveng on him.

6. You will be lonely.

7. You keep thinking about that married asshole and he ruins all future dates.

8. He filed for divorce and moved out of the house and still doesn't want you.

9. non of the dates can compare to the married asshole with the great smile and witty sense of humor.


Crap crap crap....

Maybe when I get up tomorrow the first thing i get wont be a shit sandwich for breakfast.

Good night all!


I went to a titty bar on St. Patricks Day "An Essay of Sorts"

I went to a gentlman's night club in the daytime called On the Border.

Until this point I was a titty bar virgin. I get there thinking shit this looks like "bada bing" from the Sopranos.

It was dead there was only one girl on at a time and I am there with a bunch of male friends. I figured since we were hanging out WTF might as well check it out "research".

First why am I there with a bunch of guys. My female friends were busy. I have more male friend than female friends. I get treated like one of the guys. Men don't seem to want to ever date me they just want to be my "friend" at least for the most part the propositions have stopped... for now.

Well I totally didn't know what to expect. The women there looked like normal average folk that you see everyday. I wore a low cut white shirt. Hello black lights! I stuck out like a sore thumb. A magnet! The next thing I know some chick has her ass pointed at me and my friend to the right says " that's for you" I'm like what? Well I was like fresh fish in the meat department. I didn't know that they would stick thier boobs in my face very uncomfortable feeling I tell you. Well I humored the guys and stuck a dollar in my cleavage and let one of the girls take it out with her boobs. Then everybody was happy.

Well I think my research is done though if I had a boyfriend that would be the closest thing to a threesome he would ever get.